"Pregnancy wasn't kind to my body!  I ended up suffering with colitis and a weaked pelvic floor so booked an appointment with Alex to see if anything could be done. After an assessment, abdominal massage and regular tailoured exercises I am thrilled to report that I feel like my old self again.  Every Mum (old and new) should see her!"

~ Gemma

"I saw Alex after a 4-year of annoying leg pain, after 16 NHS physio sessions, with not much success, although they really did their best. And with Alex, the change was instant after the first session.

Alex, the Sherlock Holmes of the physio world! Her excitement, curiosity and knowledge make the whole process a very hopeful and positive one. And you don't feel like a patient but more like Dr Watson, investigating together! And for me, now, recovery truly feels 'elementary' and that there is light at the end of the tunnel!"

~ Furkan

"I developed a trapped sciatic nerve (I am a runner) and Alex helped in my recovery to get back into running.

Alex is a consummate professional -she quickly gets to the root of the problem and following the session she gives exercises to help your mobility improve. Although there are no quick fixes, Alex is the next best thing."

~ Nicola

"Alex is extremely friendly, professional and knowledgeable - both myself and my wife have visited Alex on a number of occasions for a range of muscular and abdominal issues and Alex works hard to diagnose and alleviate the problem, giving excellent advice and providing effective exercises to do at home. We wouldn't go anywhere else and would highly recommend ANA Therapies for all your physiotherapy needs and an excellent, friendly service."

~ Ian

"Alex is a miracle worker! She has treated myself, my husband and several friends. I had back and knee pain for almost a year and after a few visits the pain had gone. From time to time I may get twinges but I do the exercises she gave me and they disappear! I would highly recommend her."

~ Emma

What our Clients say...

"I have been having Reflexology treatments with Jana for 2 years now. Initially I had treatments for anxiety, I found not only were the treatments relaxing for both body and soul they also made me see thing in a more positive and rational way. I now have Reflexology  every 3 weeks and I really look forward to my treatment as it is 'my time' whereby I am able to completely switch off and reax"

~ Natalie

"I have used Jana's service for almost a year now. I attend for Reflexology and have felt to me, it is a life saver.

I have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease now for 2 years. Jana provides me with some great relief and also self assurance in regards to my health. I am on some quite heavy medication. And am very aware of the long term problems with this but with Jana on my side, I know that she is there with me all of the way. And the advice that she offers is just priceless!"

~ Elizabeth

"Jana is a fantastic therapist (and lovely person). She has been my reflexologist now for a number of years and her treatments keep my physical and mental wellbeing in 'balance'. It's not easy always to prioritise your wellbeing - however I urge anyone feeling a bit out of sorts or rundown, or with more debilitating conditions to give it a go. It worked for me!"

~ Heather