Payment and Cancellation

You will be required to pay at each visit by cash or cheque.  Receipts and invoices can be supplied on request.  If you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment start time we require you to pay 50% of the cost of your treatment.  If you fail to attend your appointment you will be charged 100% of the cost of your treatment.



GDPR & Privacy

ANA therapies will hold any personal details securely in a paper and encrypted electronic format.  Any client has the right to view their data at any time and advise if they wish this to be updated or deleted.  ANA therapies regularly review the data they hold and after a period of 7 years if it is not deemed necessary to retain it, it will be deleted.  Any data relating to a child or young person will be retained until the patient is 25 (or 26 if they are 17 when treatment ends) or eight years after their death, if sooner, as per the NHS guidelines.


ANA therapies will share personal information with other therapists only if it is relevant to your care and treatment.  ANA therapies will keep a record of when and to whom your data is shared and will advise you of any security breach. If any amendments are made to, or deletion of your records is requested, ANA therapies will contact those who have received copies of this information to request these be modified or deleted as necessary.  


The ANA therapies booking system holds only your name, phone number and email address and only ANA therapies therapists and the administrator have access to this information.  No health or medical information is stored on this system and it is used solely for the purpose of booking appointments only.  You may request to be deleted from this system at any time.


ANA therapies requires your consent to contact you.  The registration form gives the options of if and how you wish to be contacted.