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My name is Lisa Bhatt and I’m a Nutritionist. My qualifications include a BSc in Biological Chemistry with a specialism in Reproductive Physiology and I worked in the NHS in this field for a number of years before I moved into a more corporate environment as a Senior Manager. I have recently gained an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management which covers the areas of health and weight management, sports nutrition, pre and post-natal nutrition and childhood obesity and prevention.


In January, I will begin studying for a Masters degree in Personalised Nutrition working within the Functional Medicine model which focuses on the whole body and the interaction of the body’s systems in order to provide support through chronic disease.


My passion for food and its impact on the human body goes all the way back to childhood. I was brought up in a home with a father who is an eminent Biochemist in the field of cancer research (still working at 82!) and a mother who believed and researched the impact of micronutrients, particularly vitamins, on health, as a layman.


My particular interests have developed as a consequence of the challenges I’ve faced either personally or within my family: women’s health (menopause is a key focus), weight management, how to eat healthily when time is an issue, stress and how to offset its damaging impact, gut health and food as a fuel for activity.


My philosophy is to support people to be the best they can be and I’ve achieved this through education, coaching, personal development and support both in the corporate environment and one to one. I’ve always been fascinated in how the body works and I believe the right food can optimise the performance of this incredible and complex ‘machine’ we inhabit.


My approach is to look at each person as a whole and to provide fact-based information to help them make manageable changes that are sustainable in the long term. I believe prevention is the key and what we eat is a major factor in supporting our bodies to function at their best.


Outside of work I’m a long-time exercise lover. I had a kidney problem as a child and had to take steroids. A wise doctor told me to make sure I was doing weight bearing exercise to help prevent the increased risk of osteoporosis and I got hooked! This has been particularly empowering as I’ve hit my 50s and helped with some of the challenges of the menopause as well as recover from a herniated disc (how I met Alex!)


I’m a keen amateur cook and gardener which lets my creative side out and I am a self-confessed crazy cat lady - I’ve got two Battersea boys!